Service controls

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Mechanical service controls

With or without end pieces, pedals, or levers

We carry durable steel cables that comply with the current DIN and SAE standards, as well as push/pull cables and ball-bearing cables. You can order these Bowden cables singly, and in almost any length. You can also avail of ready-to-use custom pieces for your type of system, equipped with the right end pieces, pedals, or levers, for operating valves, hydraulics, and electronic controls.

Custom pieces available—no minimum order required

We have everything right here to put together just the cable you need, quickly and at an affordable price: experienced professionals with the latest know-how, our own production facility, and a large supply of mutually compatible components, such as versions of pedals/levers and connections from makers such as DURA, Vofa, Morse, Teleflex, Bowden, Magura, and Flexball. We also produce replacement cables for Cablecraft, Meflex, Tuthill, Knott, and Indemar.